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About Elisabeth

The Song
The Song has always been there. Inside me. For me. When I relatively late in life found out, that I could use it to set myself free and to heal other people, it was as if a box opened up, that had been waiting for incredibly long time to be unlucked. The feeling I ever since then have had of already-knowing, already-doing, has been confirmed for me where ever I have taken part in soundhealing educations/contexts. The healing Song is a part of my DNA. Without that I am not me. I have now been a soundhealer for almost 14 years. And the Song is still developing.

The healing
At the same time it has been a continuous training in functioning through intuition, trusting, letting go, step aside and give in myself to the Greater, the healing powers. I practice healing with my voice, my hands and the drums. I am sure though, that all of us are soundhealers. Since we all have a voice we all have the ability to sing ourselves free. It takes nothing else but trust and courage, and once you have been there you have the most wonderful tool in the world to help yourself.

The Shaman
Shaman is another part opening for me. A part of my singing is deeply rooted in the ancient songs of Mother Earth, The Water, The Trees, The Animals .... Nature is alive, a great teacher and source of wisdom. Shaman has braught the Drum back in my life. And the flute of the northamerican indigenous people. Shaman is for me a way of beeing in life, a name, not a title.

The Inspiration 
I do not belong to any special religious or philosophical school. I am sure that we all drink from the same well. The feeling of the spiritual dimension has been present in me for as long as I remember. Though for many years I was in total denial. During the years a lot of teachers has inspired me on my path. I am forever grateful.

The psychologist
I think I was born a psychologist. As a child I remember I knew and understood on a deep psychological level peoples behaviour and reactions. I knew that love was stronger than hate, stronger than fear, stronger than threaths. I understood how people conscouis or unconscious had games going on with themselves and each other. I often saw what was behind. Therefore it was a natural thing for me to go for educations and jobs that used skills of compassion, human growth, psychology and wisdom.

My 20 years as a schoolteacher in the public school, 3 years as a consultant in the schoolsystem, 4 years as a healthcare employed on elders home, and up till now 7 years as a teacher in a kindergarden, not to mention my own private life has given me a lot af experience, solid psychologically insight, and a very well developed intuition in relation to inner life whether it is mine or others.

I am convinced that inside a person are all the answers needed. Sometimes we just need help to find the right questions or to listen for the answer. And sometimes we need help to heal.