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A tool to get in speech with yourself

Shieldwork is a tool that enables you to have deep contact and conversation with your inner self. In such a way that you can see and heal sufferings, old patterns and blockages. Bring balance and harmony back to the soul. And this tool allows you to go deeper than your ideas and stories about yourself.

The work is done by the involved person him- or herself, but now and then with a very gentle involvement from the instructor. It is a tool that is really serious about the fact that the answer is within us.

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A field as a shield is established with a spot in each of the 4 directions north, south, east and west. Each of them represents 1 of the following qualities: inner boy, inner man, inner girl, inner woman. It is my conviction that all healing is a matter of balancing the feminine and the masculine. The centerpoint represents The Higher Self. The one seeking answers and healing now speaks out the intetion and prayer for healing to the shield.

After that the seeking person enters the shield and more or less spontaniously pick one of the spots and sit there. The shield now IS an energy field of the persons inner balance with all thoughts, words, and actions that is needed to fulfill the intention of the work. And what now evolves is a piece of relation processing or relation shaping between the 5 spots. The seeking person might experience emotions, situations, sentenses, past life memories, states of beeing and more .. The person moves freely from one spot to another whenever needed or just spontaniously. And speaks out what is going on. Finally the person sits in the center and let the Higher Self speak to each of the 4 qualities and steps out of the shield. 

You need about 2 hours to this proces. The job of the instructor is to gently support, not at any time taking over the proces or give good advises. The guiding can be a question or gently guiding the form of the proces. It is an essentiel point in this transformationwork that the answer is carried within the seeking person herself. The transformation is in the redemption and the getting conscious af what before was hidden or forgotten.