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Sound healing concert

For quite many years now I have performed/made soundhealing
for smaller and larger groups of people.
And I always get a super positive respond.

Those receiving the healing are taken on a deep inner journey,
sense releasing in the body, find ease and peace, feel gathered,
get inspiration, are touched within their own deepest and most natural powers
…. and more .. 

I set an intention, open my voice, that sings free.
The sound comes through me and I … you can say …. follows it
and give sound to whatever need, conscious or unconscious,
is reaching out from the listeners.

Ususally there is a sort of primal song,
and a song or speak in a language that I don’t understand but recognize so to speak.
And also healing toning is usually a part of the repertoire.
Plus what else I am inspired to do.

During the healing I also use shamanistic northamerican flutes
and Vildkatten (The Wild Cat),  a transforming drum 
dressed with hood from buffalo and has crystals hanging in her middle.
The concert will most like be parted into two.

Please bring a blanket.
I am already looking forward to it.


Elisabeth Dyrmose, Soundhealer.
Flute player, drum player and singer. In the wild way.

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