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Circle of women

For the next 7 generations

To create balance between the feminine and the masculine is to me the most important healing of all in these times. And as long as this balance is not harmonic and healed within us the world will not heal. It is however a balance that the Universe, Spirit and life itself is doing its best to create in us and on Mother Earth. We have to be conscious about it, though, and we have to cocreate, not only in our own private inner lives but also in the public life in general.

The Circle of Women work is to me born out of that conscious wisdom. Not from a place of fear, anger, worry or hurted feelings. A fight from such a place would just create more of the same. On the contrary it comes from a place of Gratitude, Acceptence, Joy, and Love to Morther Earth, each other and our selves. For the feminine aspekt in all of us. For the masculine aspekt in all of us. For the Highest Good of all.


From the Grandmothers website:
13 Indigenous Grandmothers – and you and me

The prophecy When the Grandmothers speak, the World will heal - a Call to Power is the source of create a break from silence and torment. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for and we are waited with longing. Grandmothers all over the world even in the smallest and most humble village, is the carrier of this wisdom, as indigenous people. 
All peoples are indigenous people, cause they come from a place where the tough conditions and the severe lives of these people has created the world that is now being renewed. Our Danish Grandmother work is grounded on the fact that 13 Grandmothers in 2002 united and started to speak: The Earth needs us to unite now.

See about the 13 indigenous Grandmothers: