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A journey on the wild wings of singing

We take off from Earth, unfold our wings, fly through the heart and are carried by the song into the wild.

In a caring and joyful atmosphere you have the possibility to rediscover and explore your inner wildness.
Come joining to the wild place on the broad wings of singing.
Traditionel singing skills are absolutely in no way required.
The Wildness is a natural part of any person, our deep and old Sidhe(fairy) nature.

If you repeatedly have withholded, stayed silent or quiet, hesitated, or hided your expression
to stay in the room of the apparently safe and secure,
then you know the sigh for space of the wildness …
maybe just as a silent, whispering longing from within.

Can you speak? Can you hear the calling of the drum?
Do you like to be in nature?
This is all you need to benefit from this workshop.

We can only live freely and unfolded if we know our wildness and dare it. 
Furthermore, the world really needs our wildness - really needs our joy and power
and courage to act.
In other words that which is embraced by our personal wildness
when it is anchored in you and your heart is open and mild.

You will get the possibiity to experience singing, drumming, nature, moving, joy, anchoring,
power, intensity, heart, silence, authenticity and togethernes this weekend. 

Look forward to try out your beautiful broad wild green wings!!!!
The transforming drum Vildkatten (The Wildcat) will support you on your  journey.



Elisabeth Dyrmose, soundhealer.
Flute player, drum player and singer. In the wild way…
Look for more on www.lydhealer.dk

I am looking forward to supporting you on this mild wild journey.

The following testimonials are all by Elisabeth Dyrmose translated from danish into english … 

Thank you so much for a very fantastic weekend  with “a journey on the wild wings of singing”. And with the teaching of the Sidhe. In your own most wonderful and acknowledging way you have guided us through practical exercises, challenged us in using  the power of our voices. Given us some fantastic experiences  being a part of a common group energy. Opened the inner chanel, through the power of the rhythm of the drum. With your mildnes and acknowledgement you have affected the members of the group to function together in common energy and love. 
I had more or less  never seen a drum before. You are a really good mediator and educator and a pleasant and easy person. I have learnt so much through the two days that the workshop lasted. Thank you for that. 
Kindly regards  Elsebeth Lassen.


After the workshop with Elisabeth Dyrmose … A journey on the wild wings of singing … I have almost landed after a fantastic meeting with the drum that guides you into the basic sound … and the voice is set free to the wild wings of freedom …. I love to be guided to that place .. 
Three lilac hearts !!! 
Anette  Rose Deleuran


Thank you a thousand times for the joining and flying on “the Wild Wings of Singing”. It was totally new land  for me to come and use my voice for sounding and singing. 
Also I found it was a lovely openminded and giving group and a sublime nature. Everything was very rewarding and beneficial.
Loving regards  - Birgit.


Dear Elisabeth
Thank you a thousand times for an exciting weekend course on the wild wings of singing. It was very giving to be under your proficient musical wings, to fly and let go of  the inhibitions, that withhold the free power of the voice. You are an inspiring person, teacher, musician and singer. I love to sing in this intuitive way, to travel to the land  of the Sidhe and get air under the wings, wind in the hair and be one with the colors in a safe companion ship with the other participants. Thank you so much Elisabeth. I am looking forward to singing along again.
Nelli Øvre Sørensen