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Blue Flame Ceremony

Transparency, Truth, Renewal and Devine Will

Dearest fellow human

Would you give one day to Mother Earth? One day to yourself? And One day to your sister or brother?
Together with lots of people around the world on this very special day, that is so full of powerfull transformational energy we will light a ceremonial fire, and drum  the Wildcat drum for exactly as long as it takes to go through the ceremony.

About The Blue Flame
The Blue flame is the light of archangel Michael. The Blue Flame anchors Divine Will into the planetary Earth Grid.  During the ceremony we will bring the energy of the Blue flame into everyone of the 62 gridpoints in the energy field of the Earth. By intentions and prayer. And what comes up through  the fire. And we will invite the Blue Flame into our own life and energy.

The refined purity of The Blue Flame requires your full transparency. Transparency means beeing true and telling truth. It means honesty and integrity. It means responsibility. It means trusting and serving. The Blue Flame cleans and creates clarity. 

You can examine more about the Planetary Grid Points of Earth on Google Earth Maps.